GLE Library:

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List of subroutines:

  • tree_set_node_fill dx dy

  • set_tree_node_min_size sx sy

  • ! methods should start with set_

  • tree_set_node_dxdy dx dy

  • tree_set_hei nodehei leafhei labelhei

  • texortext str$ name$ delta hi texsize$

  • drawcliparc lx1 ly1 dx lr n$ cn$

  • drawbinnode xp yp str$ l$ r$ dx n$

  • binrootnode xp yp str$ l$ r$ dx

  • binnode par$ str$ l$ r$ dx

  • drawtrinode xp yp str$ l$ m$ r$ dx n$

  • trinode par$ str$ l$ m$ r$ dx

  • leaf par$ str$

  • leaf_ellipse par$ str$

  • leaf_ellipse_empty par$ wd

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