GLE Example:

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size 16 12 box

set hei .6 just center font texcmr

amove 10.9 10.3
begin box add .2
begin text
 Fill Colors and Patterns for GLE
end text
end box

set just left font texcmss hei .25
amove 0.5 .4
amove 2 4

sub sh f$ 
 set just left
 box 2.3 1 fill f$
 box 2 .5 fill white
 RMOVE .2 .1
 write f$
 rmove -.2 1.4
end sub

sub ssh f$ ff$ n$
 set just left
 set fill f$
 set pattern ff$
 box 2.3 1
 box 2 .5 fill white
 RMOVE .2 .1
 write n$
 rmove -.2 1.4
end sub

amove .5 1
@sh "Red"
@sh "Green"
@sh "Blue"
@sh "Magenta"
@sh "Yellow"
@ssh "red" "grid" "RED GRID"
@SsH "blue" "grid" "BLUE GRID"

amove 3 1
@sh "Orange"
@sh "Cyan"
@sh "White"
@sh "Gray90"
@sh "cvtrgb(.2,0,0)"
@sh "cvtrgb(0,.8,0)"
@sh "cvtrgb(0,0,.8)"

amove 6.5 1
@sh "Shade"
@sh "Shade1"
@sh "Shade2"
@sh "Shade3"
@sh "Shade4"
@sh "Shade5"

amove 9.75 1
@sh "Grid"
@sh "Grid1"
@sh "Grid2"
@sh "Grid3"
@sh "Grid4"
@sh "Grid5"

amove 13 1
@sh "Gray1"
@sh "Gray5"
@sh "Gray10"
@sh "Gray30"
@sh "Gray70"
@sh "Gray90"


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