GLE Example:

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size 12.5 6

set lwidth 0.03
graphsiz = 6

include ""
include ""

! draw graph on the right
amove pagewidth()-graphsiz+0.5 0.1
begin graph
   size graphsiz graphsiz
   xaxis min -1.5 max 1.5 dticks 0.25
   yaxis min -1.5 max 1.5 dticks 0.25
   xplaces -1 0 1
   yplaces -1 0 1
   xtitle "\tex{$A$}"
   ytitle "\tex{$B$}"
   title "\tex{$A \land B$}"
   let d1 = 1-x from -1 to 1.5 step 0.5
   d1 line
   fill d1,x2 color CVTRGB(1,0.7,0.7)
end graph

! draw labeled instances on the graph
set just cc
amove xg(-1) yg(-1)
tex "$\ominus$"
amove xg(1) yg(-1)
tex "$\ominus$"
amove xg(-1) yg(1)
tex "$\ominus$"
amove xg(1) yg(1)
tex "$\oplus$"

! draw equation representing decision surface
set just tc
amove xg(0.5)-0.1 yg(0.5)-0.1
begin rotate -45
   tex "$w_0 + w_1 A + w_2 B = 0$"
end rotate

! draw sign function for perceptron node
sub drawsign dx
   set color blue
   rline dx 0
   rmove -dx -dx/3
   set color red
   rline dx/2 0
   rline 0 2*dx/3
   rline dx/2 0
   set color black
end sub

! draw percepton internal node (sum + sign function)
set just lc
amove 2.5 yg(0)
begin name perceptron
   tex "{\Large $\Sigma$}" name sum
   amove pointx(sum.rc)+0.3 pointy(sum.rc)
   drawsign width(sum)
end name

! draw ellipse around internal node
set_ellipse_c 0.65
ellipse_obj perceptron ell
amove pointx( pointy(
aline pointx(ell.bc) pointy(ell.bc)

! draw input node, label and weight
sub drawinode idx name$ wi$
   r = 0.15
   xdel = 1.25
   ydel = 1.5
   amove pointx( pointy(
   rline -xdel idx*ydel
   rmove -r 0
   circle r
   rmove -r-0.2 0
   set just rc
   tex name$ name input
   set just cc
   amove pointx( pointy(*ydel/2
   begin box add 0.1 fill white nobox
      tex wi$
   end box
end sub

! draw output node and label
sub drawonode idx name$
   r = 0.15
   xdel = 0.5
   amove pointx(ell.rc) pointy(ell.rc)
   rline xdel 0
   rmove r 0
   circle r
   rmove r+0.2 0
   set just lc
   tex name$
end sub

! draw the input and output nodes
drawinode 1  "1" "$w_0$"
drawinode 0  "A" "$w_1$"
drawinode -1 "B" "$w_2$"
drawonode 0  "$o(A,B)$"

! draw the function implemented by the perceptron
set just bl
amove pointx( 0.1
tex "$o(A,B) = \mathrm{sign}(w_0 + w_1 A + w_2 B)$"


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