GLE Example:

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size 17.75 11.5

set font texcmr

! Provided by Bükki-Deme András.

begin graph
   size 12 7
   data "kep/kep4-0.csv"
   xtitle "t(s)"
   ytitle "U(V)"
   yaxis min -1.1 max 1.1
   xaxis min 0 max 130
   d1 line color darkblue
end graph

zoom1a = 20455852; zoom1b = 20655999
zoom2a = 20555925; zoom2b = 20575925
zoom3a = 20565925; zoom3b = 20567925

sub zoom_in xa xb x1 x2 data$ from$ to$
   save "pos"
   ! draw red square on graph to indicate zoom region
      set color red lwidth 0.04
      amove xg(xa) yg(ygmin)+0.05*(yg(ygmax)-yg(ygmin))
      box xg(xb)-xg(xa) 0.9*(yg(ygmax)-yg(ygmin)) name "box"
   ! draw graph
   move "pos"
   begin box fill grey5 add 0.2 name "graph"
      begin graph
         size 8 5
         data "kep/"+data$
         xlabels off
         ylabels off
         xaxis min x1 max x2
         yaxis min -0.1 max 0.5
         d1 line color darkblue
      end graph
   end box
   ! connect graph with zoom region
   set join round
   begin path fill grey5 stroke
      move "box."+from$+"c"
      aline ptx("graph."+to$+"l") pty("graph."+to$+"l")
      aline ptx("graph."+to$+"r") pty("graph."+to$+"r")
   end path
end sub

amove 1.5 6.5
zoom_in 100 101 zoom1a zoom1b "kep4-1.csv" "t" "b"

amove 8.5 4.9
zoom_in zoom2a zoom2b zoom2a zoom2b "kep4-2.csv" "t" "t"

amove 10 0.3
zoom_in zoom3a zoom3b zoom3a zoom3b "kep4-3.csv" "b" "t"


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